Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Working Working Working

As is typical, I had intended to update my Form/Space installation project daily and instead it's been two weeks since I put up the last post.  Anyways, here's a quick overview of the work so far.

Frame building.


Stack of the finished panels. 

All the finished panels.  There's approximately 180-ish total.  100 8"x8", 60 12"x12", 15 18"x30", and 5 "large"panels.

Coating frames.

Cutting the stencils.  



Finished panels.

Small set up of the panels in the hallway.

At this point I just have the final large panels to finish and I just need to get ready for installing the show over the weekend and early next week.  The reception at Form/Space is November 14th, so I have just nine days left.


stefanie p. warmouth said...

dude, rad birds. i like 'em!

Jenna said...

Hey greg. Post some more photos of the whole project when they are done, because it's hard to get a sense of the mass of the project. I mean, I know you were probably going to do that anyway, and probably don't need my advice... Are they all in black and white? Are you going to price them as single items like the photo booth panels? Every time people see ours up in Chicago, they love them. You should send us some business cards. Miss you! xoxo Jenna